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Our scope of work covers most aspects of soil and foundation engineering slope strengthening and protection, to deep foundation piles. Our techniques are varied depending on ground condition and structural load carrying needs, and include small and large diameter piling, pile walls, soil nailing and rock anchoring, slope protection, soil support and  soil improvement works.

With the ability to carry out both the design and construction aspects, we have the resources and personnel needed to be able to respond quickly and efficiently, to the needs of a project. We have the flexibility to act as a partner, a specialist principal contractor, or a specialist sub-contractor.


Each job is approached with a Duty of Care. We will carry out assessments and analyses on given project designs and detail to ensure constructibility and client's best value towards the delivery of a safe and code complying construction.

For best response, we will require that all job enquiries be attached with project details/drawings and all available tests and investigation data.

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We are registered with the
Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor
PKK Kelas B' Bumiputra,
CIDB G6', Ministry of
Finance, Malaysia and the
Dewan Pernigaan Melayu 
Malaysia DPMM (KL)                     

Technical Strength
Propped by a number of
Professional Engineers
registered with the Board
of Engineers, Graduate
Engineers and Project
Supervisors and Surveyor
with years of experience                 

Resource Centre
Invariably, the complexity of
most major civil and structural
engineering construction
works requires specialist
geotechnical works components.
Its applications in the
construction industry..

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